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Targeting your marketing upside down

What do you want to attract with your marketing tactics? Whilst building a laser focus on ideal clients, buying personas and market positioning, don't forget to turn the question upside down. It can be an equally important exercise to articulate what you don't want.

In fact working with your business to really get under the skin of what you don't want will not only focus your marketing tactics and communications but also create a much deeper understanding of your business priorities as a whole.

Targeting marketing?

When trying to narrow in on what you do want there is always the temptation to leave things too open - making your targeting broad and all encompassing so as not to miss a business opportunity or potential market.

When you turn the question on its head and explore what you don't want it changes perspective, you find yourself and your team being more focussed and direct. Your understanding of your 'negative' target will give you better insights into your communications, positioning and brand messages.

Asking the question 'what don't we want' of your business can open up some really powerful learnings about your whole brand, positioning and even organisational culture.


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