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Is your brand inside out?

Updated: May 3, 2019

Do you look at your brand from every perspective? Simon Sinek's statement that "the employees must love the company before your customers ever will..." highlights that our company brands can benefit from a good look at the brand from the inside out.

In addition to looking at brands as just a logo and design scheme, we can also fall into the trap of thinking that the aim of our brand is to communicate with our customers...and forget the other key brand stakeholders, our people.

In fact, taking a moment to turn your brand inside out for a change, focussing first and foremost on how you and your employees perceive your brand will give you an essential brand 'litmus test' and important insights into any challenges you're facing.

Looking from your employee's perspective to understand (ideally independently and anonymously) what they believe the business stands for, whether they trust that your brand message and your daily practices align, do they know your key messages and why your business is in business?

This simple inside out brand approach can set you on a better course in terms of company culture, customer relations, recruitment and retention as well as uncovering a host of new ideas for marketing and business growth.


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