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Disrupt through customer experience

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Hubspot CEO and Founder Brian Halligan warns that product and first to market do not cut it when it comes to growth. Businesses can only truly disrupt though customer experience.

Hubspot Founder and CEO Brian Halligan speaking at Hypergrowth in London

Halligan challenged that companies who truly disrupt customer experience in their market are the ones that will succeed. Being 'first to market' is just not a thing anymore states the Hubspot founder. The household name start-ups used by millions - and ones Halligan himself uses on a daily basis - Uber, Spotify, Dollar Shave Club, are new businesses but by no means first to market.

All those companies I do business with every morning are startups, they’re new companies, they sell the same damn product as the predecessor companies they disrupted, but they do it with just a better customer experience, a disrupted customer experience. That’s kind of where I feel the opportunity is now...

So it seems that the message to businesses stuck in a spiral of obsessing over product development and constantly trying to compete on price would be to use that energy to truly revolutionise customer experience.

Don't just do it better than your competitors, disrupt the market!

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